Below are just a few of the many services we offer

Car Security

Whether you are the owner of a private vehicle or manage a fleet of cars, you want to be sure they are safe and secure at all times.  Whether you’re driving, or the vehicle is parked up, security and safety are of paramount importance.

We supply and fit high quality after-market dash cameras, Thatcham tracking devices, immobilisers, parking sensors, and reversing cameras to all makes and models of car.

Keep your vehicle, yourself and your passengers safe… and your insurance company happy!

Commercial Vehicles

If you are the owner, or fleet manager, of commercial vehicles, then you will be well aware of the risks associated with them.  From theft to accidental damage, each vehicle, driver, and the general public, need to be protected.

From a small van to HGV’s, from buses and coaches to emergency vehicles, we fit Thatcham tracking devices, immobilisers, dash cameras, parking sensors and reversing cameras so that the vehicle and everyone associated with it is protected.


Security Upgrades

Different vehicles come with a wide range of manufacturer fitted security.  For some that will simply be locks on the doors, others may have immobilisers, and some may have parking sensors and/or reverse cameras.

Few vehicles come with all security and safety devices that are available on the market and so at AJT Installs, we are often asked to install additional equipment.

Thatcham tracking devices are a particular favourite, whether they be to keep a track on the location of a commercial vehicle whilst it’s being used or ‘just in case’ the worst happens with a private car.  Reverse cameras and parking sensors are another popular choice particularly if you have to park or reverse from tight spaces.  And dash cameras are becoming ever more popular with insurance companies and as evidence for the police.

Whatever your after-market security and safety needs are, you can see our full range of products here.

Other Services

Below are just a few of the many services we offer:

  • Thatcham approved alarms & immobilisers
  • Parking sensors
  • Speed limiters
  • Runlock system
  • Fleet tracking
  • Full camera systems
  • Left turn and reversing audible warnings
  • Worklamps
  • Thatcham approved Vehicle tracking
  • Reversing cameras
  • Cruise control
  • Ghost immobiliser
  • Dash cameras
  • Nearside cyclist detection systems
  • LED’s
  • Beacons

Would highly recommend to anyone. So pleased with the new sensors I have had fitted to my van.

Cole Pagett

The engineer who attended (Phillip) was very punctual, very polite and easy to talk to when I asked questions about the work, which he was very knowledgeable about. Phillip installed some parking sensors and a dashcam for me and the work was done to a very high standard, which was done with minimum disruption. Highly recommend and I would use again if required.

Scott Hoare

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