Fully qualified and insured vehicle installation specialists

Our story

Ambition and drive… wanting more out of life… but loving what you do for a living…

That’s exactly how our MD, Philip, was.

He knew his marketplace; he knew the service level he wanted to provide… and he knew vehicle security products and installations inside and out.  For all types of vehicles.  He’d travelled internationally as an installation engineer…

Allowed more thinking time than usual due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Philip decided there was no time like the present, and AJT Installs was created.

And how they have grown!

With a network of installation engineers nationwide, AJT work with

  • Private vehicle owners (general public)
  • Fleet managers across all sectors
  • Small business owners with both commercial and private vehicles

Our Promise

AJT Installs and AJT Fleet base their service on their values.  These include a fast response time, professional service, high quality products at competitive prices, and long guarantees.

Any product bought and installed by AJT Installs is backed by a minimum three year warranty, and for some systems this increases to five years.

They are Tassa Approved, and approved installers of Vodafone Automotive, Laserline and Meta. AJT Installs are The AVI accredited ensuring quality installations and quality assurance audits.


Managing Director

Since his auto electrical apprenticeship, Phil has literally travelled the world installing tracking equipment on fleets. Cars, vans, HGVs and plant… he’s worked on them all. From camera systems to LEDs and beacons… Phil is an encyclopaedia of the industry.


Installation Engineer

Scott’s had a varied career. From converting high performance vehicles into undercover police cars, converting vans into social spaces, through to installing all types of security systems into cars, HGVs and emergency vehicles. He’s also a petrol head and loves track days, particularly Nurburgring!



Tinkering with cars has been Keaton’s interest throughout his teens… installing stereos, speakers, and dash cams for friends and family. It was a natural progression to take his hobby and make it his career.


Installation Engineer

From working for the big comms companies such as Vodafone, O2 and Orange. Through being a lead engineer installing communication systems into fire engines and fire boats; converting police vehicles; and even being awarded clearance to work on MoD vehicles; Shaun's certainly had an interesting career to date. He's also travelled throughout Europe installing all types of equipment.

Would highly recommend to anyone. So pleased with the new sensors I have had fitted to my van.

Cole Pagett

The engineer who attended (Phillip) was very punctual, very polite and easy to talk to when I asked questions about the work, which he was very knowledgeable about. Phillip installed some parking sensors and a dashcam for me and the work was done to a very high standard, which was done with minimum disruption. Highly recommend and I would use again if required.

Scott Hoare

Private Vehicle Owners

If you personally own a car or van, you need it to be secure. Whether you rely on your vehicle for work or for ferrying the kids around, you have to keep it protected.  Vehicle crime statistics are increasing month on month – we want to help you make sure yours isn’t targeted.

We install a wide range of products for private vehicles including immobilisers which are a huge deterrent against keyless theft; parking sensors and reversing cameras to make sure those bollards don’t jump out at you… and dash cams to keep your insurance company happy.

We are here to keep you, your family and your vehicle safe.

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